Cannabis is becoming popular by the day and is also popularly used for its various medicinal properties. However, trying something new for the very first time looks like a daunting prospective, as not everyone is sure whether they are ready for the change or not. Same can be said about the use of cannabis oil. Even if you have used cannabis via other forms, using in the form of oil is a completely different experience. If you are planning on giving cannabis oil a try, take a look at some of the things that you must remember to have a pleasurable experience.


Purple Chemdawg Cannabis Oil

Purple Chemdawg Cannabis Oil

Whenever something is consumed in form of medicine, dosage plays a very vital role. As far as cannabis oil is concerned, you must know that it is quite strong and if not used cautiously, it can dislodge one from reality. So when you are trying it for the first time, make sure to go slow and consume small dosage until you become more comfortable with it. This way you will also know how it is reacting in your body.


Another significant aspect that must be on your mind when consuming cannabis oil for the first time is the environment. When you take the first dose, make sure you are among people whom you can trust. However, aim at trying it first in the confines of your home. If you know someone who is familiar with cannabis or have consumed this oil before, having such a person around can turn out to be a blessing.

Full Stomach

Many people who complaint that they don’t feel any affect of cannabis oil is because they try it on empty stomach. This is why it is advised to consume oil on a full stomach. Eat something 1 or 2 hours prior to consuming cannabis oil. However, stay away from alcohol when taking cannabis oil, otherwise it will make you feel nauseous. If anxiety something that you face, avoid having coffee as well before you take cannabis oi

Stay Calm

 Staying calm after using cannabis oil

After taking cannabis oil, it is important that you stay calm. If you believe that you have consumed more than the necessary amount, don’t panic. Lie down if you are at home and put the lights down low. You can also listen to any type of music that makes you feel calm and at peace. Just remember that the wave will eventually pass away, making you feel much better.

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